The H.R International School was founded by the Jagran Education Society on 29 March 2017.The School is fully based on CBSE pattern.

The founder chairman Mr. Ramsingh is a social worker so he decided to open this school for the need of the people to enhance the education. As there was no CBSE School in this area so to fulfill this demand, the school is opened.

H.R International School aims to be an institution of excellence, nurture every child to producing ‘Scholars’ of the future. H.R International School is affiliated to CBSE.

Our first priority is safety. Our second priority is to provide an environment where children can become students, athletes and importantly the responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Education is not a sporadic process which is confined to the four walls of the schools. It is a continuous activity which takes into its ambit the influence of several other enriching factors. Thus children are allowed to work in environments of freedom and motivation of acceptance and appreciation. The school believes that all humans are born alike. It is education which makes them different. This distinction in every alumnus is the goal of schools.